We provide gaskets with a large range of material selection and specification under the brand 3-STAR® and Valqua to meet customer applications

From low pressure and temperature application up to high pressure as well as the temperature  which refer to ASME B16.20 & B16.21 to be suitable with Flange Standard B16.5 or B 16.47 for the large flange connection over 24 inch size. Also refer to JIS or DIN Standard.

Non-Asbestos Compressed Fiber
Joint sheet are manufactured  from Aramid Fiber compound with rubber binder to meet sealing  performance with excellent  oil resistance. These gaskets commonly used in industrial application.

Metallice Gasket
is designed for high pressure application. They handle the sealing of high pressure steam,
gas, hot oil, etc. The Ring Joint type of the metallic gasket is a type of pressure energized gasket

Double Jacket Gasket
widely used on piping flanges, joint of machinery and heat exchangers. These gaskets can be non circular as well, they can also be ribbed to seal multi pass heat exchangers.

Mechanical Seal
Having the knowledge and experiences in sealing technique and technology, we have the ability to provide customized design mechanical seals under brand name Eagle Asmuss™ and solution as per process requirements.

We have in house design, engineered and production also testing facilities, we manufacture all kind of Eagle Asmuss Mechanical Seal size range from 1.000” to 6.000” (25 mm to 150 mm) with fully quality control & assurance department. refer to ISO 9001 System, monitoring product and quality in every stage of manufacturing.

3-STAR™ Gland Packing
The construction of Gland Packings designation for leakage control. As strands are compacted in to square braided to form a dense, they still pliable packing.  We provide some packing’s type to meet various application such as chemical process pump, reciprocating pump, valves, centrifugal pump.

Spiral Wound Gasket is low emission certified.  Artius Pegasus Spiral Wound Gasket
Has pass through Chevron Fugitive Test with average and maximum leakage results 5 ppm. Artius Falcon Spiral Wound Gasket Are fire-resistant designed. This gasket tested by Independent test
laboratories Yarmouth Research and Technology, accordance with the  standards of API Spec 6FB