3-Star Removable Insulation Thermal Jacketing
One of HD Group Insulation product breakthrough is Removable Thermal Jacketing which offer best solution for surface insulation on Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Ducting’s, Tanks, Exhaust Engines, Heat exchangers, Gas Turbines, Pumps, Expansion Joint, etc.

It has a very important function to conserve energy on the system. With 3D Scanner we are offering precise dimension of thermal insulation specially for complex equipment’s. Due to ease remove and install the insulations we provide several type of fastenings.

Insulation Material
To fulfill the need of the Insulation at the line of pipe, piping’s, tank
and other heat applications which need to be cover, we also can
provide various of insulation material such as :

  • Ceramic Blanket
  • Ceramic Tape/Rope
  • Rockwool Blanket/Pipe
  • Calcium Silicate Board/Pipe
  • Silica Cloth