How We Differ

HD Group is a group of collaborating companies under the same umbrella that specialize in innovative engineering solutions.

HD Group line of business covers Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) including Project Management Services, Innovative products supply and Plant Maintenance Services such as performance contract, re-engineer product solution, application problem solving, installation and erection.

With more than 25 years experience, HD Group companies have become the choice to serve Indonesia and South East Asia in Industrial, Power Plant Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Smelter Plants etc.

Due to our collaborations, HD Group can offer technical solutions for all industrial needs.

Our Expertise


One of HD group’s strong business line is Engineering Procurement and Construction …

Sealing Product

We provide gaskets with a large range of material selection and specification under the brand 3-STAR® and Valqua to meet customer applications

Flexible Joint

One of HD group company member have the ability to do in house designing …

Fluoroplastic Lining

As we own clean facility standard designation for the fluoroplastic lining process, we provide an extensive range of specialist and customize fluoroplastic lined equipment.

Insulation and Refractory

3-Star Removable Insulation Thermal Jacketing

Fabrication and Equipment

Industrial Damper,Silencer, Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Strainers & Filters

Company Affiliate

We are an engineering and business development group with a diverse portfolio of companies that span the globe.